The first-ever decentralized coal market's cryptoactive

Friends, we hasten to inform that the collected funds will be returned to those who invested in our project, as we thoroughly move to the state level. Negotiations have been tart of our ICO, but the results were received already after, so we did not dare to cancel the beginning of crowdfunding.
All those who supported us will be added to the Whitelist and will be able to invest in project in the future, after the introduction of coal trading Coal Trade in the coal industry Ukraine.

PreICO 10 / 11 / 2017Discount:50%

ICO start 15 / 11 / 2017Discount:30%

ICO 2nd week 22 / 11 / 2017Discount:0%

ICO finish 30 / 11 / 2017


Tokens sold: 1 323 176.97 / 9 000 000 СС.

Raised funds: 291 659.51 / 1 200 000 usd.

Current price: 0.001 ETH = 0.46 USD.


Necessity of token creation

At the moment there is no single open market for the coal sector. Lack of information, corruption, outdated legislation, unfair intermediation in the coal market - all this hampers effective interaction between the supplier and the consumer. To restore this essential relationship, our team creates the first decentralized market for coal fuel and its cryptoactive - CoalCoin. Ecosystem CoalCoin allows in 2 clicks to find coal of the right brand from the nearest supplier, make a deal and carry out logistics.



For contributors

After the ICO coin CoalCoin will be added to the following exchanges as soon as possible. 1% of all transactions in the Coal Trade system will be proportionally divided among all holders of the token.

Limited number of coins.

Real integration into the industry.

Support at the state level.

Reverse buyout of coins after project start-up.

Road Map

Round tables were held with the main prospective counterparts.

Systematization and search of investors for the project in 2016.

Development of an overall strategy for solving the problem.

Establishment of a club / school / department in order to localize the problem with the involvement of deputies, ministers and specialized specialists.

Establishment of an institution on the basis of state bodies of the donor of solid fuel.

Definition of problems. Justification.

Definition of problems. Justification.

Report on the work done to the Investors of the project.

Involve ministries of fuel and energy of recipient countries.

Initial negotiations with the heads of coal mining enterprises of Ukraine.

Seminar Coal Coin in Kiev with the involvement of network participants, experts from relevant ministries, major market operators, lawyers.

Development of a unique SS token based on Ethereum.

Start of the public ICO Coal Coin.

End of ICO and summarizing depending on the amount of collected funds.

Creation of Call Center and Online Help Center in New Delhi.

Entering the international markets, working with the largest coal suppliers.

Establishment of a decentralized register of coal deposits.

Seminars Coal Coin in Kiev / Moscow / Astana / Prague / Warsaw / Riga / London / Toronto with attraction participants in the network, government officials and key market operators.

Create an Android IOS Android application.

Output to the stock exchanges HitBTC, Bittrex.

Initial negotiations with the heads of coal-mining enterprises in Kazakhstan, Russia, South Africa, Poland.

Launch of the research project.

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Token's technical description

Token is developed on the base of smart-contracts for the Ethereum platform.

It contains the implementation of the interface ERC20, which will bring it to the majority of exchanges.

The token code is divided into several contracts, each of which implements its functional.

Mathematical operations of standard platform data types are replaced by more secure methods with a variety of checks.

The purchase of the token is controlled by a separate smart contract of sale, which fixes the number, time of sale and other important parameters.

The security of the token is guaranteed by its open source code for the community.

Distribution of tokens

CoalCoin - care of the future

5% of the coins
will be sent to research in the area of catalyst search, which has a stimulating effect on the reactions to convert CO2 into methane.

Map of coal reserves

Coal continues to be the most important and most promising source of energy on Earth: oil reserves will last for 40 years, gas for 60 years or more, and coal for at least 270 years. Today in the world coal energy occupies 40%, in China and India - 70-80%, in the USA - about 40%, in Germany - about 50%. According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), coal will remain the second most important fuel and energy resource after oil in the next 20-25 years. IEA notes that in the current policy of consumption demand for coal by 2035 can grow by 70%, taking into account the expansion of the range of coal technologies.

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